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Frank Bennett, PT, CHC

My physical therapy and consultation services are direct payment, eliminating the treatment and time restrictions resulting from insurance. Many patients find their overall out of pocket expenses are actually less than staying in network. Dedicated, one-on-one hour treatments, provide highly effective and faster rehabilitation success! A recent study appearing in an American Physical Therapy Association publication (PT in Motion, January 22, 2019), offers compelling evidence that:


"Direct payment clinics are associated with overall lower costs and greater patient-reported levels of improvement."

  • Insurance reimbursed clinics see multiple patients at the same time.

You most likely will be double or triple booked with other patients and treated by a less qualified assistant-tech. You thus receive only a half or even a third of the skilled physical therapy you are paying for.

  • Florida is a direct access state. I can treat you immediately without a doctor's referral. No more waiting for authorizations! No more treatment limits!

You can still submit your PT treatments for out of network benefits as long as you have met your deductible. Many clients have high out of pocket deductibles and high co-pays so they actually spend less with direct pay!