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"Just The Facts" (Joe Friday, Detective, TV Dragnet, 1949

1. What percentage of your current employees participate in your wellness program?

2. What percent of your employees earned their financial incentive this year?

3. What number of employees participate and what number do not participate? 

4. How many workers comp claims did you have for this year?

5. Did your workers comp claims increase or decrease?  By what percentage?

6. How many employee sick/ injury days for this year?

7. Did your employee sick/injury days increase or decrease? By phat percentage?

8  What is the average number of sick days per employee?

9. Do you offer an on-site Physical Therapy treatment and prevention services?

10. Do you offer on-site ergonomic injury  treatment and prevention services?

(Your answers provide important insight for 365 Consulting Services and are strictly confidential).